Vision and Mission


“The glory of God is a human fully alive” lies at the very heart of the educational philosophy of St. John Bosco. It is therefore our vision to assist the young in the pursuit of “virtue and knowledge” so as to enable the young to be ‘fully alive’ and live life to the full.


  • To offer “quality education” that provides each student with a free, cheerful and friendly learning environment to acquire knowledge, expertise, values and interpersonal skills to face the challenges of life.
  • To impart sound and quality education through integral and holistic approach for the all-round development of the human person by inculcating in the students the virtues of piety, integrity, freedom, accountability, self-reliance, discipline and altruism.


Don Bosco based his system of education on the three pillars of “Reasonableness, Religious conviction and Kindness”. He looked after the youth as a caring father and dedicated himself totally to their welfare. He did not visualize education in isolation from the needs of the community. Vocational guidance, training and job placement were integral to his vision and mission.

Accordingly at Don Bosco College, we believe in:

  • An education that is affordable to the average categories of society;
  • Creating an educative family of students, staff and management, marked by transparency, mutual respect, constant interaction and caring support;
  • Aiming at the integrated development of our students and empowerment of our staff – teaching and non-teaching;
  • Building competence and skills for employability and quality of life;
  • Inculcating spiritual and moral value systems that sustain individuals and society;
  • Extension services beyond the campus and beyond self.